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MUST SEE: National Geographic’s 2012 documentary on Dublin City rise to becoming one of Europe’s biggest murder capitals – a disturbing truth.

This is an Official National Geographic’s documentary on Dublin City: Europes official Murder Capital.

Violent gangland killings has transformed Dublin’s City into now even in 2012 the murder capital of Europe, this is a revealing documentary that several international journalists including myself participated in.

Through these docs, investigations, reveals….the fear is lifting. Dublin is not afraid of its crime anymore, we are now bringing it out into the open at last – so we can address it!

Dublin murder grief.

Underworld: Dublin Gangland.

While the streets of the Irish capital eventually proved just as susceptible to the influence of hardened crooks as anywhere else, amazingly the city was largely free of serious crime up until the late 1960s.

Following the history of this crime wave, trace the 1980s introduction of hard drugs into the city’s impoverished estates, hear about the desperate – and tragic – attempts to stop the heroin dealers taking over whole neighbourhoods and then learn how the Dunne Family – Dublin’s notorious criminal dynasty – moved from petty crime to become drug lords.

This one-off special also looks at the case of journalist Veronica Guerin whose desperate attempts to unmask the criminal gangs led to her death in 1996.

See the full official documentary here:

It’s official, DUBLIN CITY is the MURDER capital of EUROPE

November 13, 2009 5 comments

Dublin city is currently the murder capital of Europe, with 19 gun murders this year (as of November). In 2008 the murders numbered 20.

No other city in Ireland officially comes even near this murder figure.

Modern Dublin has serious serious problems with gangland warfare over the years, it was the stage for Veronica Guerin, an Irish crime reporter, who was sicky gunned down in cold blood in the city a few years back when investigating Dublin crime. Dublin and Ireland went into shock and never really recovered. Murders have increased in numbers since, and no real thorough investigations have been done, which is a shame (fear?). These low-lifes must be stopped from roaming the streets of Dublin and murdering whoever gets in their way.

So can all the gangland murders and violence finally end in Dublin? Not anytime soon most likely.

We all hope the politicians and guards (Irish police force) put a stop to the dead bodies showing up every month and sincere investigations and actions happen…for the sake of Dublin.